Many people have the misconception that superannuation is just a portion of your salary that you wish you’d rather have in your pocket now than stashed away where you can’t see it.

Superannuation is much more than that, it is a long term savings investment plan that will provide for you when you retire.

It’s not just about contributing more, it’s also about making the most of what you’ve already saved. Your iprosper financial planner will review your current superannuation situation and provide plain English advice on how you can make your super work better for you. The points we consider are:

  • Assessing whether or not there is a better performing fund available to you
  • Consolidating your super – 1 fund is better than 3
  • Can you afford to salary sacrifice into your super, which in turn not only leads to more super for retirement, but an immediate tax reduction
  • Making sure you understand your investment strategy
  • Finding your “lost” super and reclaiming it