Holistic Financial Services

By definition (according to The Oxford Dictionary) a holistic approach to anything is characterised by the belief that parts of something are interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. That’s the approach that we have to providing financial advice. We don’t just look at one area of your life It’s not just about whether your current level (if any) of insurance is adequate; it’s not just about how your super is performing or whether or not you are paying too much interest on your home loan. At iprosper we investigate all areas of your financial well-being to strategically develop a financial plan specifically for you. Simply, we look at the bigger picture – where you are now and what your goals and needs may be for the future. Mind you, our ongoing services and regular reviews with you ensure that your financial plan is relevant to any lifestyle changes that may occur and again we look at everything together – not just one area of your life.

For many iprosper clients it’s the first time that they have seen a financial planner and we want to ensure that at every step of the way you are fully aware of the processes and mechanisms going on behind the scenes.